Property Searches By The Map

This cutting-edge function gives you the apartment house facts for 1,600, full-service buildings. Also, Regarding Real Estate provides and the current listing information about open houses: whether they are scheduled or by appointment only.

If you have a specific apartment house in mind, you can search for it neighborhood-by-neighborhood, or block-by-block. Or you can enter the address into the “Property Locator” search field on the sidebar.

Your search starts by the Map Search button in Short Cuts (to vital information), which takes you to our Manhattan’s Parts of Town Map Index Page, or in Dwellings and Answering Service by clicking Property Search from the drop-down menu. (Insert two thumbnail screen shots).

Or the Property Locator button on the sidebar takes you to the Submission Form directly. You’re ready to begin when your search parameters are filled in by “criteria” categories, including neighborhood(s), price range, bedroom count, as well as pet policy, garage, and concierge services. (Link form)

Each search will be much more effective by setting the all the criteria categories that best define your parameters: selecting wide parameters will retrieve more properties, and our database with more precise criteria will find fewer properties.

Exploring Specific Neighborhoods

from the sidebar or in the Dwellings department as Property Listings.

select multiple neighborhoods by clicking their blue dots, or any number of blue Parts of Town by a click—and in any combination that you want.
Select opens our one-of-a-kind map search. It is oriented to the general Parts of Town and to specific Neighborhoods. It’s no secret these maps are adjusted zip code maps (since all Manhattan listing locations are standardized when sorted by zip code). Our Neighborhood Boundaries conveniently provide the commonplace names and broader understanding of their borders.

Specific Neighborhood Mode

On our cutting-edge Neighborhood Maps you change with a simple click from one map to the nearby blocks in every direction. While on each map, move your cursor block by block and highlight as many standard city blocks of interest by clicking. The blocks change color to let you know where you selected, and a second click will deselect that block.

All the buildings on that city block that meet your criteria, say pre-war vintage or washer/dryer units allowed, appear. With one click the apartment house facts are there, including the current listings and/or sold properties, with a second click on your “listings of interest” they are saved as your search. A double click always deselects a listing.

By clicking a blue triangle, all the buildings on that street or avenue appear, to be reviewed and to select—or not.

Move right along choosing among apartment houses and adding listings, and then, whenever ready, click Select to edit, and then click again to save your refined selections.

On the Regarding Real Estate map your highlighted block returns to light grey, while you continue along that map or go to a nearby neighborhood.

General Parts of Town Mode

There is an overall map for each of the nine Parts of Town. By clicking the blue Part of Town a menu appears with each neighborhood there. Click on one and all the apartment houses, with their current and sold property histories matching your search parameters, appear.
By clicking on a building and then the listings of interest, each selection is added to your current search. It joins your previous general and specific searches when clicking Select. Edit, discard, and print. After retrieving all the current listings and/or historical data and/or apartment houses facts, you simply edit the results by deleting unwanted property listings or apartment houses (with a click). When completed first review all your selections, then print.

Additional Features

Along the Footer, a start-over option on the current map is the “Clear This Map” button, and the “Clear All Selections” is the next button. The “Return to Index” button is to start a new search form with criteria changes.
Your last selections are saved until you choose “Clear” or “Clean All.” Each return visit on the same computer and browser, your previous selections remain highlighted in grey.