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Pose a Question, for your security, operates for opt-in users only. When a completed questionnaire is submitted to our designated email address for review, an automated confirmation is sent to your email address. Our reply to your request, depending on your question posed and the information provide, may require two or three days to process.  

Communication Compartments at no time asks for a credit card number;

Personal identification information is never requested;

Unrelated personal questions are never posed;

No password is necessary.

Every Pose a Question request will benefit when accompanied with our Personal Planner organizer. The Personal Planners are found in Helpful Hints! This information enables our editors, insider experts, and contributors to better evaluate your unique circumstances. So keep an eye on your email for our subsequent reply. 

Additionally, to ensure the best focused answer, whether a buyer or seller, review Mastering Manhattan.

Educating Yourself for a buyer:

  • Co-ownership types
  • Working with a broker
  • Legal matters
Understanding the Marketplace, for a seller:
  • Defining Investment Grade
  • Analyzing Fair Market Value
  • Addendum: Additional Helpers (for marketing principles)
Furthermore, you’re invited to look through both Parts One through Four (and the Afterward too).


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