Table of Contents


Columbus Circle Photo: Kate G. Goldman


  Mastering Manhattan

A Pocket Book Encyclopedia


Foreword: Looking Back

Time Lines and Sidebars

Distinguishing Dwellings

  • Tenement Apartment Houses
  • Loft Buildings
  • Flats Buildings
  • French Flats Buildings
  • Apartment Hotels
  • Innovative Apartment Houses
  • Pre-War Buildings
  • Post-War Buildings
  • Apartment House Towers
  • Row Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Mansions
  • Brownstone Conversions
  • Office Building Conversions

Central Park

  • Manhattan Real Estate’s Cornerstone
  • Highlights of Central Park

Navigating Manhattan

Upper East Side

Midtown East

Downtown East

Lower Manhattan

Downtown West

Midtown West

Upper West Side


Upper Manhattan


Educating Yourself

Understanding Co-ownership

  • Key concepts of co-ownership

Simplifying  Brokerage

  • The seller’s broker
  • Whereas the buyer’s broker
  • But the broker cannot
  • Broker-speak translated

 Closing the Deal/Legally Speaking

  • Caveat Emptor
  • The deal memo
  • Due diligence
  • Closing the deal


Knowing the Marketplace

Defining Investment Grade

  • Renting guidelines
  • Allowing tenancy
  • Concluding the preliminary research phase

Mortgaging Primer

  • Mortgaging Instruments
  • Qualifying for a loan
  • Securing a mortgage
  • Mortgage financing costs 
  • Qualifying the collateral property
  • Servicing a mortgage

Interpreting Market Activity Reports

  • Segmented market activity reports

Analyzing Fair-Market Value

  • The art of accurate “comping”
  • Identifying valuable considerations
  • Targeting a target property’s property
  • Culling comparable and competitive properties
  • Qualifying the search results
  • Calculating cost to own
  • Evaluating comps as fair-market value
  • Paralleling competition to asking price range
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Addendum: Reading a house and floor plan


Afterword: Moving Forward

  • Narrowing and expanding dwelling quests
  • Taking an Uptown walking tour

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sellers Conventional Wisdoms
  • Buyers Conventional Wisdoms
  • Town House and Loft Lovers Conventional Wisdoms

Personal Planners

  • A Seller
  • A Buyer
  • Pose A Question




  • A-Z


Corresponding Paperwork

  • Legal Documents
  • Broker Agency Agreements
  • Co-ownership Application Samples

 Additional Helpers

  • Market-Activity Report
  • Spread-Sheet Setup
  • Cost-to-Own Calculator
  • House and Floor Plan