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Realty insiders offer their detailed insights on estimating fair market value, including reading market activity reports, with Op&Editorial’s quarterly commentaries include recent volume, sale prices, average number of days to sell, and inventory changes, with the financial indices affecting the Manhattan real-estate market. Together, these elements collectively underscore the trend lines and short-term direction in which each market segment is moving.

Step-by-step primers, prepared by those in the know, provide site visitors with an understanding of the unique ways Manhattan real estate really operates. REGARDING REAL ESTATE helps isolate the right property for buyers through our ‘Search Request’ form, easily pinpointed on our exclusive map block-by-block search by neighborhood or by parts of  town. Our price predicating tools also include calculating fair market value as well as the cost to own, the break-even for investors.

To supplement these user-friendly and invaluable guides, REGARDING REAL ESTATE offers thorough and insightful information on Manhattan’s 55 diverse neighborhoods, as well as detailed breakdowns of their residential buildings, with their features, services and amenities among them, and the available properties—as scheduled open-houses or by appointment only—along with nearby hard-to-determine apartment houses you’re seeking to live in.

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In a nutshell: our step-by-step Educate Yourself primers and handbooks, manuals and guidelines are a compendium of everything one could need to own, sell, invest, or rent.

And for those not in the market at the moment but interested, REGARDING REAL ESTATE is your clipping service offering links to current Manhattan real-estate media coverage. Still looking? We have compartments with profiles of the city’s real-estate builders (the titans), reviews of the latest books on local architecture and design, thoughts on town-house and loft living, and even exclusive coverage on notable Manhattan celebrities on the move.

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