Today’s Titans

Gary Barnett, President of Extell Development Company
Since launching Extell Development in the early 90s, native New Yorker Gary Barnett has assembled a real estate empire encompassing over 10-million square feet of residential and commercial properties. His most ambitious project to date will be the
conversion of a parking lot on West 59th Street into Riverside Center, an enormous complex consisting of five towers that will include 2,500 new apartment units and 210,000 square feet of retail space. Extell has also renovated a number of classic
buildings, including The Stanhope Hotel on Fifth Avenue.

Stephen M. Ross, Chairman, Founder, CEO of Related Companies

A tax attorney and investment banker who in 1972 began building government-assisted housing projects, Stephen M. Ross now employs 2,000 people, owns over $15 billion worth of real estate, and has developed commercial and residential properties worth more than $20 billion. His best-known project is the $1.7 billion Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle. Ross is also involved with numerous civic and philanthropic organizations, such as the Guggenheim Foundation, and has received dozens of honors, including being named Housing Person of the Year by the National Housing Conference.

Sheldon Solow
An art collector (he owns pieces by Matisse and Giacometti) and a philanthropist (he primarily donates to Jewish charities), billionaire developer Sheldon Solow is a Brooklyn-born NYU graduate who began in the real estate business in the late 1960s.
Nine West 57th Street, his most lucrative property, is known for its curved glass façade and commands rents of over $200 per foot. Solow is now planning a residential and commercial development on the East River, featuring seven glass skyscrapers and 600
apartments for low- and moderate-income tenants.

Leonard Litwin Chairman of Glenwood Management
Leonard Litwin, now a 95-year-old philanthropist who contributes to medical research, began as a landscaper in the 1950s, servicing the interior courtyards of New York apartment buildings whose owners were having difficulty finding tenants. His aesthetic
improvements were so effective at attracting renters, Litwin set out on his own, building and operating (but never selling) luxury apartments in Manhattan, which are known for their prestigious locations, spectacular views, and elegant lobbies. Litwin’s latest project is Emerald Green, two environmentally cutting-edge towers on West 38th Street.

Paul Milstein of Milstein Properties
Born in 1923, Paul Milstein attended the NYU School of Architecture and took over his father’s business, Circle Floor, in 1961; the company installed floors in Rockefeller Center, the United Nations, and LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. Milstein then expanded into real estate development, and came to control about three million square feet of Manhattan office space and 8,000 apartments, and was involved such projects as the controversial demolition of the Biltmore Hotel. A philanthropist, he built the Milstein Hospital Building at New York Presbyterian.