Letter from the Editor

Larry Goldman


May 30, 2016


REGARDING REAL ESTATE did not start out as the Web site that you see today.

The initial concept was to write a book about Carnegie Hill. In part, the focus would be to describe how this extraordinary area, which boasts more designated landmark buildings than anywhere else in Manhattan, affords its denizens such a pleasant and humane lifestyle.

Lo van der Valk, the long-standing president of Carnegie Hill Neighbors, had already published a stand-alone book about his neighborhood’s significant buildings. Inevitably, his masterful inventory had become outdated over time, but when I met with him he brought out a recently completed, extensively annotated updated manuscript.

To describe this as an unexpected and significant revelation hardly scratches the surface, and it stimulated a move in a new direction.

Slowly at first, and then with mounting speed, a passing notion exploded: why write to about only one of the many neighborhoods that make up Manhattan… why not cover all of them? And then came the idea to write an accompanying blog.

Blogging also presented serious limitations, though. And the ultimate solution was to link various existing Web pages and create a unified Web site. This way, an enhanced multi-dimensional experience for the visitor could be achieved.

After 42 months, REGARDING REAL ESTATE went public as re-re.info.

Regarding Real Estate’s mandate is to solicit constructive comments. We also welcome any data verification that leads to needed changes in our one TB (1,000 GB) database. In this way, re-re.info can remain a prime resource for realty professionals, and lay people (buyers, sellers, and investors), alike.