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City Desk has all the latest realty news;

Mastering Manhattan contains our real estate 'How-To;'

Dwellings details the different kinds of properties available in Manhattan;

Of Human Interest describes the Manhattan lifestyles of different properties and neighborhoods;

Answering Service answers FAQs, and more;

Communication Compartment includes ways to contact us, and much, much more.


The introduction includes Time Lines and Sidebars, Distinguishing Dwellings…

The introduction includes Time Lines and Sidebars, Distinguishing Dwellings, and Central Park offers detailed concepts that put in context our unique how-to sell, buy, rent, or invest in a manhattan home: from a historical overview, to the important events, to the dozen housing types, and the importance Central had on Manhattan. In addition, Pose A Question! (in Communication Compartments) is where a specific question that may arise can be asked.

Foreword: Looking back
Time Lines and Sidebars

Distinguishing Dwellings

Central Park



Manhattan’s 52 distinct neighborhoods are…

Manhattan’s 52 distinct neighborhoods are within nine parts of town, and Navigating Manhattan provides a historical perspective as to its residential real-estate development. Our Neighborhoods department (within Of Human Interest) contains the special features of each neighborhood, with a unique map depicting their borders, parks, historic districts, and much, much more.

Upper East Side

Midtown East

Downtown East

Lower Manhattan

Downtown West

Midtown West

Upper West Side


Upper Manhattan


Here are the ABCs for the three co-ownership types…

Here are the ABCs on the three co-ownership types, including detailed explanations as to their differences. Here the role that brokers play is simplified to its bare essentials, as well as a step-by-step guide to the complex legal aspects in order to close the deal. In a nutshell: Mastering Manhattan is  everything a Manhattan resident should know.

Understanding Co-ownership
Simplifying Brokerage
Closing the deal/Legally speaking


These five primers are the only existing online step-by-step…

These five primers are the only existing online step-by-step Manhattan real estate guide. Cumulatively, they form a on-of-a-kind handbook that details every aspect to purchase a co-0perative, condominium—whether in an apartment house or loft building—and a single-family town house anywhere in town.

Defining Investment Grade

Mortgaging Primer
Interpreting Market Activity Reports
Analyzing Fair-Market Value

Calculating the Cost to Own
Reading a House and Floor Plan


In conclustion, here is an outline how-to…

In conclustion, here is an outline how-to narrow or expand a dwelling quest by exploring alternative neighborhoods. In addition, a block-by-block walking tour through Harlem is presented as an example.


Whether a seller or buyer, it is useful when beginning your dwelling quest or …

Whether a seller or buyer, it is useful when beginning your dwelling quest or investigating selling your home to outline your initial strategy and goals.

To this end, our Personal Planner does just that, and it allows buyers and sellers to collect their thoughts and impressions.

Seller’s Planner

Buyer’s Planner


Pose a Question

There are instances when particular unique circumstances defy pigeonholing.

Our editors and contributors can direct you to where on Regarding Real Estate the answer lies. In order to do so we ask that the request includes a completed planner.


Our layman’s lexicon contains every conventional…

Our layman’s lexicon contains every conventional real-estate term and is replete with insider’s lingo found nowhere else online. Moreover, our glossary is broken down into seven topical sub-glossaries for convenient reference while reading our primers. guidebooks, and manuals.



Board Package


This 100-page compendium of examples and samples…

includes every legal document, agency agreement, board and financing applications to amplify our how-to primers. Check out our paperwork notations as an introduction. Open the exclamation maps throughout for additional helpers. The paperwork is there to take full advantage of the information on each topic.

Paperwork Notations
Legal Documents
Broker Agency Agreements
Co-ownership board samples
cost to calculate visuals

Additional Helpers

Market-Activity Report Example

Spread-Sheet Setups

Cost-to-Own Calculator


Our Conventional Wisdoms are far more than a FAQ list…

Our Conventional Wisdoms are far more than a FAQ list because there are observations culled from knowledgeable realty insiders, which provide helpful insights and hints and tips on an array of related topics for sellers, buyers, and town house seekers alike.

Whenever necessary pose your unique questions and individual concerns for pointers where the information can be accessed. It’s made easy via its Communication Compartments form.

Conventional Wisdoms

For sellers

For buyers

For Town House Seekers

For Loft Lovers