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City Desk has all the latest realty news;

Mastering Manhattan contains our real estate 'How-To;'

Dwellings details the different kinds of properties available in Manhattan;

Of Human Interest describes the Manhattan lifestyles of different properties and neighborhoods;

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Communication Compartment includes ways to contact us, and much, much more.


Check in monthly for a…

Check in monthly for a glimpse at Regarding Real Estate editors’ observations as well as their take on recent past and present goings-on within the marketplace.

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Observations and perceptions on residential real estate…

Observations and perceptions on residential real estate from the pens of local newspaper and national periodical authors is this significant Regarding Real Estate features commentary on important news and topical subjects.

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Here’s a taste of past realty …

Here’s a taste of past realty insiders’ perceptions on Manhattan’s current issues from 100, 50, 25, and 2 years ago. Although the newspaper and journal entries do vary enormously, each is an indicator of their time, and perhaps a foretaste of what’s to come.

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Our clipping service also…

Our clipping service also covers a broad spectrum of related reading matter on the Manhattan real estate market.

These include:

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In National News

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Whatever twists and turns (or continued stagnation) …

Whatever twists and turns (or continued stagnation), our clipping service covers the latest updates from industry journals, business periodicals, and local newspaper real estate sections.

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Our selection of books, films, and television series…

Our selection of books, films, and television series feature a living-in-Manhattan theme, with protagonists and celebrities on the silver (or a somewhat smaller) screen whose characters are working, striving, and achieving a Manhattan lifestyle.

We welcome your view on what’s worthwhile viewing, too. Click on Communications for film buff, TV fan, or our book club suggestion.


These are far more than curios…

These are far more than curios because our historic maps are snapshots of Manhattan’s residential development, thereby fulfilling its Manifest Destiny. It’s especially interesting to note the progress northward according to the Time Lines and Sides provided within Mastering Manhattan, and what was before and what came after the Commission’s Plan of 1812.

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REGARDING REAL ESTATE is your clipping service…

REGARDING REAL ESTATE is your clipping service offering links to current pertinent national, regional, and Manhattan neighborhood newspapers’ residential real-estate offerings.

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All over town the well-known know where it is…

All over town the well-known know where it is they want to reside, so REGARDING REAL ESTATE features the stars who have put down roots in town. Please note to protect their privacy that exact locations and specific address are excluded.

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