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City Desk has all the latest realty news;

Mastering Manhattan contains our real estate 'How-To;'

Dwellings details the different kinds of properties available in Manhattan;

Of Human Interest describes the Manhattan lifestyles of different properties and neighborhoods;

Answering Service answers FAQs, and more;

Communication Compartment includes ways to contact us, and much, much more.


Our no-cost, e-classified Matchmaker to a Manhattan residential property.

Our no-cost, e-classified Matchmaker to a Manhattan residential property. Here’s how it works:

Find Me a Match – For Buyers
Find Me a Match – For Brokers

1. A buyer finds their next home by filling out the “Find Me a Match” form below.
Your parameters are posted on our Match Me board
2. The buyer’s parameters are posted on our Match Me board
3. Owners and brokers have unlimited, cost-free access to a buyer whose criteria and financial profile match their  property.
4. An owner and/or their broker can submit an “I Have a Match” response to the buyer through Regarding Real Estate.
5. Based on the buyer’s completed Find Me A Match form, Regarding Real Estate uses an unbiased process to decide whether   there is a “feasible” real estate match. If there is, both the buyer and the broker/seller are notified.
6. If both parties agree, an appointment to visit the property is scheduled.


This is how “Find Me a Match” defines the parameters needed.

A Budget range

B Neighborhood preference

C Room count

D Bedroom(s)

E Bathroom count

F The buyer’s overriding priorities, which have been clarified by completing the Regarding Real Estate Personal Planner

G. Amenities and appurtenances, as described in Mastering Manhattan’s Educating yourself section.

H Pet description, by breed and weight

J A washer-dryer hook-up installed or allowable



A wealth of relevant links to information resources…

A wealth of relevant links to information resources beginning with current real estate news with a list of articles and other sources to schools and parks, and to discover new construction condominiums and rental properties.


New Construction Builders

Rental Management Companies

Historic Districts

Public Schools

Our Publication sources include:

Financial Publications

Trade Publications

City Newspapers


Business Newspapers and Magazines



Fill in a Personal Planner form to focus your real estate…

Fill in a Personal Planner form to focus your real estate strategy and goals. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we have created a Personal Planner to help you organize exactly what you need to know and do. This form will prompt you to clarify a buyer’s search, and it will give you a flexible structure in which to make notes. It provides a system for a seller to collect your thoughts and outline your goals. The more in depth and realistic you are, the more useful this outline will become.

Seller Click here
Buyers Click here


Seeking an answer to your unique real estate needs?

Seeking an answer to your unique real estate needs? If you cannot find the exact solution to your unique needs on our site, please complete a comment box with your Personal Planner form. You will get a swift response from our editors and where to take up your search or the how to put your property on the market from within our site.

Pose a Question


Negotiating tips and helpful insights for buyers and sellers…

Negotiating tips and helpful insights for buyers and sellers through our Conventional Wisdoms is easy. Our four blog-style forums contain truisms and adages. For Town House and Loft Lovers, read the knowledgeable realty insiders words of wisdom here too.

For Sellers
For Buyers
Town Houses and Loft-Lovers Conventional Wisdoms
The Loft Lifestyle


Our layman’s lexicon contains every conventional…

Our layman’s lexicon contains every conventional real-estate term and is replete with insider’s lingo found nowhere else online. Moreover, our glossary is broken down into seven topical sub-glossaries for convenient reference while reading our primers. guidebooks, and manuals.



Board Package


Invaluable help with real estate paperwork…

Invaluable help with real estate paperwork, for the buyer and seller is perhaps Regarding Real Estate’s single most helpful offering for the serious seller and buyer. We provide as a preview the sample boilerplate legal documents, brokerage agreements, and financial statements every potential buyer and seller will complete and sign as a real-estate search and transaction occurs.

Corresponding Paperwork Notations

Legal Documents
Broker Agency Agreements
Co-ownership Application Samples


These supra-support services clarify marketing…

These supra-support services clarify marketing, by principles and with pointers in order to judge from the norms, to determine timing, and to understand the importance of presentation and accessibility, and to follow the show sheet guidelines. Let us help you to a read house and floor plan, which will determine whether or not a unit is right for you at a glance. And one of our best offerings: the Personal Planner to pull together a buyer’s thoughts, and to pinpoint a seller’s checklist items.


Additional Helpers

These are our supra-support services:

Market Pointers and Guides
Presentation and Accessibility
Show Sheets
House Plan Guidelines
Reading a Floor Plan


Our one-of-a-kind, neighborhood-by-neighborhood map search…

Our one-of-a-kind, neighborhood-by-neighborhood Map Search includes 1600 full-service…] buildings. It identifies the apartment houses that best match your priorities and budget, by dwelling and co-ownership type, cash-down requirements, pet policy and amenities, in each neighborhood first. From there you choose those that interest you most. You can also go to our Navigating Manhattan portion of Mastering Manhattan for much more information on each apartment house listed in our Map Search.

The criteria are:
Ownership type
Dwelling type
Cash-down requirement
Pet policy