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City Desk has all the latest realty news;

Mastering Manhattan contains our real estate 'How-To;'

Dwellings details the different kinds of properties available in Manhattan;

Of Human Interest describes the Manhattan lifestyles of different properties and neighborhoods;

Answering Service answers FAQs, and more;

Communication Compartment includes ways to contact us, and much, much more.


Meet the press. Find out what’s new in Manhattan realty…

all over town. This department includes a (monthly) Letter from the Editor, Op&Editorials for other’s points of view, Recommending Reading from journals, and “Celebrities on the Move” (within Manhattan). On Manhattan real-estate affairs review our Clipping Service, a clearinghouse of links to the rest of Manhattan real-estate media City Desk’s range is from a gallery of Historic Maps that date from 1642, to On the Shelf, we highlight books, films, and TV shows with a “living-in-Manhattan” theme, and very soon we will debut a book cub, film buff, and TV fan blog for your take.




All you need to know and all you need to do…

All you need to know and all you need to do to buy or sell real estate in Manhattan. Here you’ll find practical primers, applicable at every imaginable price point, on all co-ownership categories, on simplifying brokerage, on mortgages, on market activity reports, on deriving a property’s fair market value, and on calculating the cost to occupy. Each section is annotated (with how-to tips galore!) for sellers, buyers, investors, renters, and even for people who are “just looking.” In the Corresponding Paperwork section, you’ll find 100 document pages as examples, including agreements and leases, applications and contracts. Mastering Manhattan is replete with the Conventional Wisdoms of Manhattan residential real estate—truisms that help you understand market activity reports, and guide you step-by-step to discover viable alternatives. Our complete Glossary is a virtual treasure trove, and it is easily negotiated through sub-glossaries that we have carefully broken down into six topics. And then, there’s Pose a Question, where you can ask our experts for help navigating Regarding Real Estate via our Communication Compartments. And if you want additional information all around town, you can read Navigating Manhattan—it has it all.



Detailed profiles of more than 1,600 full-service apartment houses.

Detailed profiles of more than 1,600 full-service apartment houses with all the Apartment House Facts you could want or need to know about a property, that you couldn’t find anywhere else, you will find here. Browse our identifying photographs and house plans, or peruse the all-important open house info on any given property, in any part of town, for any price point. And whether searching or searching for alternatives, our Dwellings section is the Web’s ultimate authority on all the most exclusive co-operatives, condominiums, town houses and lofts that are currently moving in Manhattan’s realty market.



This detail-dense department may have only one name, but…

This detail-dense department may have only one name, but it’s all but six Web sites. Its centerpiece, Neighborhoods, is a mass of miscellany, covering every essential element one looks for in any locale, from public parks to prep schools, to 24-hour drugstores. Shopping Arcade accesses purveyors of the best in every neighborhood, all over town, can boast, while Town House and Loft Living rounds out the motif, with its vividly illustrated properties on the market, and the finest in closed quarters. As if one is not enough, our Second Homes section heralds houses around the U.S….but those spending less than $25 million need not apply.

Of Human Interest Covers:



An overview of Manhattan’s diverse neighborhoods.

An overview of Manhattan’s diverse neighborhoods in every part of town. Our Neighborhoods department covers every essential element a buyer might be seeking in a given neighborhood. The departments within this department include a neighborhood-by-neighborhood historical survey, our highlights, maps, photographs, its nearby parks and historic districts. Community Service includes from public libraries to post offices to police precincts and from public to prep schools to church schools, and even such crucial information as the location of the nearest 24-hour drugstore. Finally, by checking into our Community Bulletin Board periodically you will be able to see postings about special community activities and other events that may interest you—and you will now have the option not to miss them.


Neighborhoods Provides


The single most reliable source online…

The single most reliable source online, in print, or anywhere else regarding these coveted Manhattan homes. Here are our continuous tips for a town house or loft liver. We invite you to enjoy the vivid photographs in our eight carefully curated galleries by each part of town, and coverage of the Block Beautify. In our three unique Behind Closed Doors galleries, you’ll also find hundreds verifiable sales figures. Our Town House and Loft Living department offers the only compendium of comprehensive information and reliable facts about these elegant dwellings.




Manhattan is a real estate marvel in many ways, especially in its ability…

Manhattan is a real estate marvel in many ways, especially in its ability to successfully accommodate a population that has burgeoned from 3.5 million in 1900 to over 8 million as of the 2011 census. The vast majority of Manhattan’s residents are renters, and it took giants of real estate to make this city livable for so many people. In our Meet the Titans department, we proudly introduce you to the visionaries who paved the Manhattan way. You can also meet their modern-day protégés, who are making Manhattan even taller. Then, move around our Rental and New Development Postings to search for your next home.

 Meet the Titans



Fifth and Madison Avenues have every right to take pride in being home …

Fifth and Madison Avenues have every right to take pride in being home to world-class, flagship stores, but if you browse through our Shopping Arcade department you can discover many more extraordinary shopping localities. Any true Manhattanite knows how vital it is to live near terrific shopping. And no Manhattanite wants to be far from the latest and best local restaurants and watering holes that proliferate in great shopping districts. Our neighborhood-by-neighborhood maps will guide you through Manhattan’s eight “of-the-moment” urban strip malls. Wander in and discover which fashion emporiums and boutiques are springing up in the neighborhoods that interest you. And while you’re on the property-hunt, be sure to check out our Shopping Arcade maps to find out where to pick up the best-of-the-best bauble, or the most highly sought-after gadgets for your new home.




Are you in the market for a second home? If so, welcome…

Are you in the market for a second home? If so, welcome to our Second Homes section. Here, we showcase appealing residences that are currently for sale around the U.S — from Sea to Shining Sea. We’ve separated these dwellings into eight categories for you, and we also hope you will delight in our A Long Time Ago country homes gallery. Please linger as long as you wish on our descriptions and on the carefully selected, accompanying photographs of these extraordinary homes. But if you are planning to spend less than $25 million, you might want to hone your negotiating skills before making an offer…
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